UMG 'Box' and 'Border' modes for images issue

Hi, I’ve fiddling around with UMG and I am not 100% sure if I get the styling with images right.

When I set my images to ‘Border’ the middle part of my button stays empty. And that is OK. But when I set the background color, it does not fill the background but tints the image/border still leaving the middle part empty. So it basically works just like the ‘Tint’ parameter that I can use for the image.

Is that an intended behaviour? It seems a bit strange that a ‘Background Color’ works as a ‘Tint’ and trying to border your button with image makes it impossible to have it filled with any color.

I know that ‘Box’ mode allows me to fill in the button with the “streched” color from the image, but the borders of the image are rendered a bit different for the ‘Box’ mode and for the ‘Border’ mode. The ‘Border’ mode gives a much more predictable behaviour with different sizes. I guess using the ‘Border’ mode with a backgound color filling in the middle area (separate for every button state) would be a perfect alternative, depending on your button’s style/shape.

Yeah that’s the intended behavior. The border brush more or less exists for two kinds of borders; Marching Ants, and cases where you have very different corner pieces that hide the fact that the borders are tiling instead of stretching. Simply filling with a color wouldn’t be good enough, what if you want a textured background. The way to do this is to just stack Border controls, one border controls has the border brush, the other a flat white brush and whatever color you want tinting it.