Umg border question

Hi guys.

If i press a border on my widget and then drag my finger outside of the border, it wouldn’t register on button up event once i release it. So I have to press it and release while the finger is still inside the border, for the ‘on button up’ event to happen.

Is there a way to make the border register on button up, regardless if the finger is still inside of it or not? Thanks!

Hey there,

when your finger exits the scope of your widget of course it wouldnt notice when you release your finger.
But i guess your border widget belongs to a top-level widget (like Overlay or Canvas) inside this widget i guess it should fire the Release Event. So what
you can do is settings a bool inside your border widget → set that to true if you enter the OnButtonDown or OnTouch or whatever… and then check within the OnButtonUp Event inside the widgets scope you are currently in if the bool is true and
then do your magical stuff.

kind regards

Hmmm I suck at UMG. Ill try.

Off topic: We have exactly the same amount of posts lol.