UMG border child overlap?

When I add a child image to the border , the child image gets higher Z-order than the border itself and ends up overlapping the border (my border is irregular so I want to have it frame around the image that it contains). I dont see an option to set the child’s Z order inside the parent border. It always overlaps it. Any ideas how I can get the border parent to overlap image child ?


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If you want the parent to overlap the child, then the child can’t be a child, they’ve got to be siblings of the same parent. Each child nesting defines a new layer id for the batcher, and in turn defines the necessary z-order things must render in. You’ll need to structure this some other way, either by using 1 image, and doing the compositing in a material to permit an irregular mask to be applied. Or to do it using an Overlay panel, where the “child” is at index 0, and the “parent” is at index 1, so that the parent border is overlapping the “child”.

Overlay panel is what I needed - thanks!

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Ok, one more question… How do I reorder children in the overlay ? Trying to drag and drop above the existing child doesn’t seem to work, and I don’t see any options to move up or down the hierarchy. I don’t see any index properties on the children and every time I add a new child it adds it at the top.

Reordering wasn’t finished for 4.7. Is in 4.8.

I had the same problem, and the overlay seems to be the solution, however the overlay (or more exactly the border) now seems to consume all the mouse events. So the widget which should get overlapped by the border is no longer receiving mouse clicked events if the border is “on top” of the widget in the overlay. I’ve tried using an image instead of a border, but this also consumes all the mouse events. If the widget itself is the “on toppest” in the overlay then it receives the mouse events correctly.

Edit: Just had to set the Image/Border to “Self Hit test Invisible” :slight_smile: UMG is awesome!