UMG Blur background Mask


how to apply mask to blur background widget? Please see attachment to get want I mean. The idea to get rectangular object with rounded corners which will blur the background.

If it is possible it should be very simple, but I am new quite new to UMG design, so I don’t know how to do it.


Hey Dima/ldo,

I’m not sure about the rounded/beveled corners, it might just be easier to do all that with blur in photoshop before you bring it in to unreal, but if you just need blur, see below.

In your block of canvas panel stuff:

Add an image with an opacity of like .15 - .25 with whatever color you’d like, make the zorder 0,

Add a background blur (under special effects), blur strength of 5 - 20, zorder 1

Add whatever text on top of it with a zorder of 2

See pics


The background blur widget in UE5 supports adjusting Corner Radius.
If you want to apply a mask to control the blur region, see this plugin: Unreal BackgroundBlur With Mask - YouTube