UMG: Bind Outline colour and opacity

I’m using UE 4.14.3 and I can’t seem to bind the outline colour and opacity, is this a bug? we can bind text colour and opacity and we can also bind shadow but not outline? any word on this would be appreciated, I’m looking for a workaround in the meantime, I came across a node “make outline settings” which seems to suggest there is a way to set outline settings of a text object in UMG.

Heya. You can’t bind it, but you can take a Text widget, get its Font property. Split this struct and you will get its Font Outline Settings. Split that struct and you get your outline properties. So if you want to assign outline settings, it is a property of the Text’s Font’s Outline struct.

Bump. 4.19 still doesn’t let you animate Font Outlines in UMG…

Thanks for this, that worked. Here’s my setup for those interested:

I did this and managed to animate it to face out and change colour depending on the enemy’s health with the outline fade