(UMG) Better Widget error logging


I would like to kindly request better UMG error logging.

I am getting these errors since i moved to 4.10: LogLinker:Warning: CreateImport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘WidgetTree’: WidgetBlueprint /Script/UMGEditor.Default__WidgetBlueprint

Problem is i do not know which one/s are causing the trouble. I have approx. 25 WidgetBlueprints currently in my game and it is very difficult (and ridiculously time consuming) to start deleting one by one and recompile each and every time (i get those errors only on a packaged project and on consoles).
Not to mention that everything is integrated to one another and deleting them (at least in my case) causes crashes and even more errors.

In short, it would be really cool and helpful if we knew what WidgetBlueprint is corrupted in the logs instead of guessing.

Thank you!