[UMG] Array of Images

Sorry, but, is It possible? I cannot create a Variable Type Image:


ummm, I did try with a Horizontal box and put the images inside but I cannot go over the elements. :confused:

Images in UMG are either texture2D or slate brushes.

If you need an array of widgets, I would create a new widget just for you image and call it say ImageWidget. Then in your main widget, do a “create widget” and choose ImageWidget. from there you can drag from the return value, with context sensitive unchecked, and do an “Add” from array and it will create the “Add” array node with the small array symbol preset to be an array of the ImageWidget.

Hi Hakabane, thanks, I try both and don’t work :(.

If you look the variable type is image.


Hey - thought I would clear up some confusion caused by a bug. Derivatives of UWidget (but not UUserWidget), aka any of the primitive widgets in UMG were not marked with the special flag that lets them be used by users to define new variables. That’s why “Image” doesn’t come up. The fix is in github now, and will be in 4.6.

Thanks NickDarnell, i am glad to know, I am starting to think in bizarres workarounds, soo time to open a beer and wait for the 4.6.