UMG animations with variable access

Is it possible to reference/access an Animations properties ? ie Translation (x,y), Scale etc…

For example I would like to have an item that animates into the next available slot of the players Inventory.

I’ve just seen it has been asked here too :

Any information would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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You could change the widget component’s location dynamically or attach it to a component and move that component.
However I would like the ability to dynamically change animation values as well because I want to be able to change the colors and I don’t think that’s currently possible.

Hi, does anyone know if this feature has been added at some point. I wanted to access the Transform properties through the widget blueprint graph so that it can be set dynamically, but wasn’t able to find any nodes for it.

Still no news of this as of now.

It is not possible, because UMG uses a different animation scheme than Timeline. All you can do is create the animation yourself, using Tick Event and FInterp To.