UMG Animation Finished Events not firing while Game is Paused


I’m using the Play Animation with Finished Event UMG animation node to line up a sequence
of UI events and animations in my Pause menu, but i am finding that the Finished even does not
fire when the game is paused, the animation plays to completion but the Finished event does not fire and so certain sequences in my menu appear to hang. If I temporarily unpause the game for the duration of the animation then it works as expected, but its bit hacky.

I can see why this might be desired on HUD animations where you might want to suspend some of these chains, but is there a way to enable the FinishedEvent on pause in the node or should I be doing this a completely different way? An example is changing a page in the inventory section of the menu, I have an outro anim for the page and an intro anim for the page, i play the outro for the page, when its finished I make the UI changes for the page, populating the slots with the appropriate inventory items, and then play the intro animation for the page.

I suppose I could do this particular case with 2 pages, with only one of them being rendered at a time, setup the next one before running the nimation and do the transitions with one animation, but I’d still like a more general solution to the problem if possible rather than bespoke solutions for this particular type of scenario.

(I’m running UE5)


Uploading some blueprints might help

I ended up getting “around” this by just adding an Event track to the animation and placing an event right at the end of the animation.

This probably the intended way to do stuff like this (as its more flexible because you can put the event anywhere in the animation), but it does have the disadvantage that it kind of breaks up the flow in the blueprint as you now have to make the end a distinct event and you would onlyknow its connected if you inspected the animation…