[UMG] Animate a widget sliding open within its desired size.

Hi all,

How can I animate (using UMG animations) a UserWidget’s contents sliding in/out without knowing its desired size beforehand? i.e I need a 0 - 1 key-able value for moving the contents of a widget in some direction out of the widget (Which preferably clips).

A simple example is sliding in the contents of a widget that takes up the entire player screen, from the top. The widget handles getting the correct desired size at run-time so we cannot use animations to render transforms or canvas panel offsets as they’re not 0-1. Pivots won’t work either as the content will usually resize with the parent widget.

Another example:

I want this widget to side off the screen (Which in theory is just sliding the contents out of the parent widget) regardless of my screen size, the widget’s size and its contents. I cannot use render transforms as they are not 0-1. Placing the widget’s contents in a horizontal box with a spacer doesn’t work as the horizontal slots can’t have their fill amount animated.


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Hello, did you ever find a workaround for this?

Sadly not. I had to hard-code the sizes into the animation and haven’t looked into any other solutions since.