UMG and widgets, no documentation for UE5?

Hello! I am following along the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial and since it is made for UE4 I hit some bumps along the way but nothing I could not overcome by looking at the UE5 documentation.

However, now I am at the stage to add GUI widgets and the UMG editor is not at all like the tutorial and on top of that the UE5 documentation is for UE4?

Is there anywhere I can find an updated documentation that actually is for UE5?

If not maybe you can help me with my specific problems.

  1. When I create the blueprint (Rightclick->User Interface->Widget Blueprint) I get a popup asking me to pick root widget for new widget blueprint (options are: UserWidget, EditorUtilityWidget and AnimationSampleUI) I picked UserWidget, is this correct?

  2. In the designer mode I drag and drop a Horizontal Box, but it fills the whole screen no matter what I do and I cannot add any more widgets unless I add them inside the first widget. According to the documentation this should not happen. Additionally I should be able to select anchor point and drag to resize, I cannot do any of this. It is either Auto, which makes the widget super small and I cannot resize it. Or it is Fill which fills the whole screen.

I hit the same issue when dragging widgets into the designer; the solution I arrived at was to first add a Panel > Vertical Box to create a layout container for the two buttons.

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Thanks, I got the same problem (no canvas, no anchors), which made it pretty difficult to follow my current Tutorial :slight_smile: