UMG and the Editor

Is building Editor tools using UMG supported? If not, will it?

Nope. Likely not any time soon - all the focus is making it awesome for game dev. Assuming I could snap my fingers and make it possible to make tools with it, in its current form and current limitations. What would you want to use it for, given it only has access to Actors and the other things Blueprints have access to in a World? Just utility sorts of stuff? Blutilities Plus?

Hi Nick, Thank you for your expedited response!

You hit the nail on the head - Blueprints Plus. I want a panel that organises and stitches a number of related blueprints together which are otherwise quite a hassle to use as independent functions.

Where should I begin extending the Editor after familiarizing with Slate? I’ve been browsing Editor code directly, which is useful. I have also been through what wiki contents are available, but they seem to be in a state of flux so I’m weary taking strong advice from them.