UMG and swipe crashes game


I have solely been working on a game for mobile devices and been facing a problem with swipes and UMG button touches.

Now, the game is fast paced so it requires touch of those buttons and swipes to happen in close time-frames and if they happen too close for example user swipes and say whilst swiping suddenly presses the UMG button, the game crashes down or gets stuck.

I have tried various ways to work my way around it by creating boolean conditions, disabling and enabling input, and etc but nothing seems to work.

One way that I thought of but have not tried yet is as soon as user touches the screen space for swipe the UMG will be disabled and when the swipe is completed it will be created again, but I don’t think it will look good while playing.

The game is all working fine, its just that when swipe and button touch happens at very close times, the game crash. Would really appreciate if someone would help me :slight_smile:

Hello, just got this issue as well.

I have a luck with always adding pause game event everytime some HUD/Widget is called, this stops my BP swipe system apparently.

Another thing that someone mention in the forum is using the precise click/ precise tap option in the “HUDBlueprint/Interaction”

I think they fixed this issue. Havn’t got it since updating to 4.11/4.12