UMG and pausing game , level loading

Hi guys, try to ask, what a better way to showing UMG widget menu with set all game to pause state? for now i use pause blueprint function, and when i set pause to true, all working how i need, but this pause function draw on screen message “paused” on top of UMG, how i can disable this message?

Also need help with getting all levels names(i use load level blueprint for loading levels and i need list of names), and current (active) level name from folder with levels(i want use current level name for restarting level with self loading ), haw i can do that on blueprint?


Ps sorry for bad English

Not sure about the ‘paused’ text, I actually have the same issue so would be interested in the answer.

However for the levels I would suggest you either create an array of strings or array of a user structures in a blueprint to maintain your level names and level progress etc. Simply define the array default values with your level names. There is AFIK no way to get any list of levels so make it your self in an array and keep a variable with the currently loaded level active.

If you need to maintain the state (as loading a new level will reset the variable) then have a look at saving out the structure using the save game functions and then reloading each level load.

thx for reply, to bad hear that, i try to do something like dynamic level showing by searching all levels in level store folder, but i think you’re way also good idea so thank