UMG and Material Editor - Tiling Relative to widget size


Is there a way to tile the UVs of a texture based on its relation to the screen space/size?

I recently created a blog post where im trying to create customisable UI materials using parameters, you can see it here:


My problem is that for each individually sized widget, i will need to create a new instance and change the UV tiling of the “Fill”.


If i can get this UV tiling issue sorted i think i can start thinking about making atlas materials in UMG and doing some really cool UI stuff!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Solved it - using the “SlotAsCanvasSlot” size and dividing by the texture dimensions and applying it to the tiling


Hey, i’m trying to do a similar thing but i’m failing to get the correct size of my widgets if they are not the direct child of a canvas panel. Do you perhaps know a fix to that ?