UMG and input problem

I have an inventory menu that comes up when pressing and holding tab. Whats happening is, I’m having to click the screen once before I can click buttons in widget. Then when tab is released, I have to click the screen again to take control of the character. How can I make this seamless so I hold down tab, widget comes up, pick options, release tab and automatically take control of player again. I think there’s something with th UI input node deal but I’m confused. Cheers!

Hey DJ

Had the same issue. What i needed to do was to make other movement null and void in regards to mouse.



Hopes this helps you.



If I understand your issue correctly and that you are having issues with your game losing/setting focus then you could try using the “Set Input mode UI Only” node, “Set input mode Game Only” node, and/or the “Set input mode Game and UI” depending on what is needed. I hope that this helps.

Make it a great day

Yes I know of the nodes you speak. The combos I’m hooking up don’t seem to work the way I would like. Would like a tip on the right way to get the result I mentioned in first post. What goes where basically.