UMG and Expanding/Revealing Widgets


New to the Hud and UMG [Unreal in general] but Im in the processing of trying to create a car configurator changing basic Paint colour, Alloy type, Camera view and Lighting environment.

Now, I’m in the process of learning and researching for what is needed behind the interface for the functionality BUT
I want to know if anyone can help me achieve the following [as hopefully illustrated in the attached] from a GUI point of view.

Don’t know if there is a blueprint available for this? if so could someone point me in the direction of it please…

I would like [ideally] to achieve the following:

  1. Have a docked menu bar with the 4 x main icons of Paint, Alloy, Camera and Lighting displayed in a HUD

  2. When hovering over any one of those Menu Icons, a Sub menu [of more icons/widgets] appears

  3. When the cursor is moved from the main Icon/Widget, the Sub menu disappears…

As a heads up I have no UMG experience, and need to deliver a project task [for a job] by the 13th of November.

Any help on how to achieve this [an expanding or revealing sub menu from a main menu], including existing code, links to relevant resources or otherwise would be hugely appreciated. To Re-iterate, I’m NOT asking about how to Change materials, lighting, switch camera ngle etc BUT i am asking how to achieve
the graphical interface, in terms of creating an Expanding [or you could say revealing] sub-menu from a main menu.