"UMG" and "Custom events"

Hi guys, i need your help. Tell me how to execute “custom events” on different blueprints, using UMG ? For example, i pressed “button” in UMG, and it execute event in other blueprint ?

do a cast to the blueprint then drag wire from blue node and type your custom event name. You’ll have it. (to do a cast, you can or get all actors from class or create a variable of this type for example)

Did u have some pics, how to do this right ? I did it like you said, and no results. >_> btw, thnx for answer.

here :

upon the blueprint with the custom event in event graph, under the function used on button bind. Then it will depend of what you want to do. You’ll have to do some check if you have more than one blueprint in level for example… but with variables in casted blueprints you can solve that.

Now I understand, thank you very much, you helped me a lot. :o