UMG and aspect ratio.

I’ve been making a game in portrait at resolution 1080 x 1920

I’ve been putting some menus togethers and started checked at different resolutuions. It seems scaling works fine when the aspect ratio is 16:9 but if 4:3 is used then the layout breaks.

This placeholder menu displays fine at 1080x 1920 or any other 16:9 resolution but if 768 x 1024 or other 4:3 ratio is chosen then this happens.

Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to deal with different resolutions and aspect ratios.

I’ve search the forums and answerhub but haven’t been able to find a clear way to get menus to work across different aspect ratios.

Seem to have found a solution of sorts. If I wrap the canvas in a scale box I get all the menu visible but get thicker borders on the side. Not perfect but workable.

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