UMG Ammo Overlapping

I recently implemented a respawn system and, in doing so, messed up my HUD. I have narrowed it down to my bindings/variables but I am unsure how to fix it. My current hud looks like this:

So, my respawn system works by when the player’s health = 0, open the level again. (It’s very basic for development purposes). However, when the player respawns and the world loads again, the hud now looks like this:

As you can tell, the ammo bar now is overlapped slightly, and it has something to do with the variables and bindings. These two functions are binded to two different text blocks. I am willing to upload any other needed screenshots. Bindings:

It looks like you created and added another ammo widget over the last ammo widget. Remove the ammo widget when the character dies or don’t create a new one when he spawns.

Widgets will persists through levels so even though you reopened the level, any widget that was already on the screen will stay there. Your health and armor are probably overlapping as well if you didn’t remove them.

Thanks! Works great now.

> player’s health = 0, open the level again

Open the level to respawn? Implementing respawn is pretty trivial and I suggest doing that first because it may change the way you have to handle the HUD anyway. (Meaning you wont have to remove the HUD when the player dies)