UMG Allow multiple button presses at the same time.

I’m currently working on a small mobile (Android) game with Blueprint. I started testing on the device, but it seams I’m not allowed to press multiple UMG buttons at the same time.

On the left side of the screen I have my various movement buttons, on the right side is a jump button. If I move and jump with keyboard input it all works fine. But using the UMG buttons it stops moving. I made the “pressed color” bright green and noticed it just turns off when I start pressing the jump button.

Is there any way to allow multiple button presses inside UMG, or am I approaching this the wrong way?


This should work. If you can give me more details (simple project or layout / BP screenshots) to look at, I can investigate this for you.

I made a simple android test in a separate project:

The ideas is simple. If you press the button on the left, the box on the left starts to rotate. If you press the button on the right, the right box will rotate. However, my setup shows it is not possible to rotate both boxes at the same time.

I’m probably not taking the correct approach. Here is the function it is calling inside my pawn script:

It is called from within UMG based on if the button “left” or the button “right” are held down:

This is easy testable on android. Below is the content package. Just assign the MyGameMode to the project game mode and it should work.


Thank you. We have reproduced the problem here and are investigating a fix.

This is by design. Buttons default to IsFocusable - true. Focused buttons that are pressed, when focus is lost, unpress. You need to mark both buttons as IsFocusable - false.

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Makes sense from a Menu perspective. Thanks!

For people wondering where to find the options, when you click on the button, Look all the way at the bottom of the details panel in the interaction tab.