[UMG] Add transparency parameter to containers such as canvas

It would be convenient if we could have a single transparency parameter to change the entire content of a hierarchy. For example everything contained in a canvas could become transparent by changing only 1 value.
Setting the container back to opaque would put the transparency back to the contained widgets transparency value.

This would be very convenient to achieve transparency transitions on complex UI.

just wrap the canvas with a border.

cool thanks :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it doesn’t work.

Have you made this work?

im having the same question. Wrapping canvas with border and setting alpha of border’s brush doesnt disappear its contents.

Is it intended behavior ?

I want to animate opacity of parent container to disappear its children.



Hello tas,

In your image you are showing that you changed the opacity for the border itself. You will need to change the opacity for the “Content Color and and Opacity” selection that is found in the border widget. I hope that this helps.



Make it a great day

oh, of course! thanks

Hi, you should be able to do what you need with this plugin I’ve found on the marketplace!
It should solve what you would like to do, I noticed there’s also a playable demo!

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