[UMG 4.7.1] Draw as box &/or Border

I’m not sure if I’m creating my images incorrectly but it seems as if drawing as box or as a border is not creating the expected results. Below is the image I am using 512px^2:
Its not actually a .jpg in game for some reason it didnt let me upload .png. The white space around the image is transparent.

The margins I am using are 0.5 for all as that is where the angles start and stop in the image. Here is the result when drawn as Box:

Here is what it looks like drawn as border:

And for some reason when drawn as a border, it scales based on zoom. Zooming all the way in +10 it gives the closest result to what I would expect:

Do you find solution?

I have not. I tried looking for the default textures of some items like the button to see what they looked like (if they were square or rectangle etc) but I could not find them.

I would like to bump this perhaps not for a solution but if someone has link to a “Best practices” when making these textures that would be very helpful.

Very strange behavior, this still seems to be an issue does anyone have updates on the issue? It’s quite annoying how hard using 9-slices is in this sytem.

Also @OpticalShadow I found these UMG best practices, I don’t think they will help but I’m linking them anyway.