UMG: 4.5 preview make things less useful than 4.4.3?


1.Why there is no style option choice on Brush, button, checkbox…etc.? In 4.4 you can create a style and use it on these widgets, this is more useful than 4.5 did.

And the widget can’t be hidden in designer view in 4.5, it will cause selecting and positioning the widget very hard, especially the widgets are overlapped each other…In 4.4 I can temporary set the widgets be hidden use the visibility property, but 4.5 can’t… 4.4 a Widget Blueprint A contain hundreds of another Widget Blueprint B(only have one button in it), no mater I and new Widget Blueprint B in Widget Blueprint A or do some changes in Widget Blueprint B, it will cause compiling very very slow…

Is this normal, or do 4.5 have improved it?

  1. The plan is to bring back reusable styles, but in order to do what we want it’s likely going to take multiple releases. The style system from 4.4 was a convince because we had already wrapped slate styles as assets. But they were never going to work long term for UMG because they didn’t permit mutating them at runtime. There was no concept of local overrides, and that is required in order to support dynamic material instances. ie. want a fancy button that has a material on it that takes a material parameter and does something crazy when it’s pressed? Possible in 4.5, not possible in 4.4 :slight_smile:

1.1. Temporary hiding; That workflow was never intentional. It didn’t occur to me people were using it for that because things typically hidden in the designer are usually still visible so you can tweak stuff visually - was just a bug to me :slight_smile: Good news, 4.6 already contains a designer friendly method of hiding widgets Photoshop style, with a little eye in the hierarchy.

  1. I’m hoping it’s faster, but we may need to profile that case and see what’s up. The blueprint compiler does an in memory replacement of old instances of classes when it compiles a blueprint. Doing too much work during that replacement can cause the compile to be slow.

Thank you.

Photoshop style hiding, it sounds so good, can’t wait for that. Right now I set the scale to 0 to temporary hide the widget. :slight_smile:

btw, will 4.5 or 4.6 provide get function on widget’s properties, like the render transform, layout offset, etc.? Still can’t figure out how to make a dragable and moveable widget at runtime…


I am excited about dynamic material instances + UMG, thanks Nick!