(UMG) (4.17) [BUG] (Reproducible) Transform and TextBlocks...

NOTE: This bug doesn’t seem to happen if you test it via Visual Studio… Only via UE Editor → Widget BP → Designer (Tab)

So ever since 4.17… ANY textblock becomes blurry++ whenever anything in it’s Transform is edited to anything but defaults AND it also happens if this textblock has ANY parent that has it’s Transform edited.


  1. Open a widget bp (4.17 ue4 editor)
  2. Go to a textblock OR add one…
  3. Edit it’s Render Translation from [0.0x , 0.0y] to [0.0x , 1.0y] or sth…
  4. You can see from the editor & PIE & Standalone… the textblock blurred(and under circumstances, it also appears as if its too big inside a sizebox)

NOTE: Transform only – NOT Pivot…

NOTE: Tested it with different projects… and it happens all the same. 100% of the times.

Absolute Reality:

After testing for the issue you mentioned, I did not get the same results. These are the steps that I took:

  • Opened new project in UE 4.17
  • Created a new Widget BP
  • Added a new Textbox
  • Edited the render translation to [0.0x, 1.0y]
  • Added the widget to the viewport

Results: Text did not change. There were no blurring in the editor, PIE, or standalone view.

If there is anything that I might have missed, please feel free to let me know. It would also be helpful if you could include a small test project with the issue.


I suppose it’s hard to notice… So perhaps this bug does* occur via Visual Studio as well. I dunno sorry, i asked people online and they told me that it doesn’t occur via Visual Studio that they tested it with… So thats why i said so. So i don’t know about it.

All i know is this http://i.imgur.com/IgePhSr.png

Tested bug via packaged game… and it occurs with other computers as well.


I can’t reproduce the issue. It would be helpful if you could please attach a project with the issue so I can better understand and help.


Project down link(522KB): https://www.mediafire.com/file/bvn8034ctsaygy2/MyProject.rar

Packaged game link(78MB): http://www.mediafire.com/file/ksgsqe53uypbq8a/WindowsNoEditor.rar


Thank you for the links, but unfortunately our firewall does not allow us to download from that website. If it is possible for you to attach it to Google or dropbox that’d be helpful.


Good morning,

I tried to open up both of the files but unfortunately the files are bringing up error codes stating that there are no files. I apologize for the inconvenience but is it possible that you can send your files through Google Drive? if so, please check that the files are attached. Thank you.

Seriously what is your problem?? I don’t intend to spend hours working for you when the bug doesn’t really concern me. And you keep trolling me, and wont reply for DAYS… I asked this question so long ago and yet it continued for almost a week, when it should’ve been settled within a few hours. So im just not interested. And what was your problem with the files??? Are you on a phone or sth??? on drugs???

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