UMG 3D Widget Animation Problem

Video of it working in Unreal 4.15

Same code blueprint nodes doesn’t work right in 4.18

I’m using the (3D) Widget inside a blueprint along with the Widget Interaction Component inside the First Person Player Blueprint.

The Widget Blueprint has a button and an animation.

I want to animate the button sliding in. However, when the animation finishes playing, I’m not able to click the button.

The button works fine if there is no animation.

This worked fine in 4.15. I’m trying this in 4.18.2 not working. (bug?)

Help please!

Video of it NOT working in Unrela 4.18: Unreal 4.18 UI Animation Problem - YouTube
Happy to show code if you have any idea - or - can give me confirmation if this is a BUG that would also be helpful. Thanks!

SOLVED: The problem may have been caused by the way the Widget interacted with the collision-box! I set custom Collision to overlap PAWN only on the collision box inside the 3D Widget.