UMA for UE4?

I was wondering if something like UMA exists for UE4? (its a unity plugin/framework for a character customization system)

I don’t think it exists but think of that in that way. If it existed we would have know by now. One thing is for sure. Framework like UMA or similar to that would be extremely usefull. And i thing also that the open-source tool makehuman would help in the right direction for all of us to start researching from there.

I’m not familiar with UMA but it sounds like it might be similar to what Mixamo offers?

I do not have much experience with either UMA or Mixamo Fuse, but for standard characters and animations Fuse is probably even better than UMA. The big thing about UMA is the runtime generation, allowing you to do stuff like character customization.

This is a good Unity thread comparing the two:

Uma is like Substance for characters. Definitely worth the thread necro…