Ultraball - Quick Snap, Current State

just a quick video running through loading the game and going through its option.

Been working on trying to make the flow easier for players.

all comments appreciated!

Looks interesting. Nice menu navigation. Cool effects. Looks like a fun game!
I don’t like the music though. But good work.

You remember Tribes?

Very nice!


I’m gonna pin this project because is really interesting. Great work

Amazing work man!

no… BUT… have you ever seen the game DeathTrow on xbox (first xbox) ? … i see potential…

Speedball 2 - Commodore 64, research it, gameplay was awesome!

This game was inspired by an old mod for ut2k3 Deathball, and to go even deeper a mod of that called gibball. There is currently the predecessor to Deathball called Supraball but to me lacks what mad the original gun. So started this project a few years ago to make the game that felt more fun for newer people to the idea of a sport in fps/3rd person.

glad to see since rocket leagues success interest in this genre is more then it was back in 2003-2006

looking forward to seeing people play it. When it’s out anyway :slight_smile:


Hoping I can get a key for this :slight_smile:

looks great so far amazing job maybe you could add a battle royale mode lmao