Ultraball -Alpha


Just released a new playable demo. And finally just recorded done video of my brother and I playing in case you want to peek before trying. (Note this game is not designed around 1v1) but I don’t have a group of testers :slight_smile:

Our test dedicated server is east coast USA but you can host and play over steam.

The game is a mix of soccer and dodgeball.
First person / 3rd toggle
No bots yet.

Download link on our Reddit.

See recent recording of gameplay at twitch


So those who have seen me post on this before now you can atleast check out this video on twitch. More to come!

Working on next patch…

Keeper now has its own skin:

Keeper will be invincible to the ball and other players attacks, moves a bit faster and jumps higher however for balancing his dash will consume all but one jump.

Fixed some other bugs. All will be posted in the notes at release :slight_smile:

Twitch some in game fun. Main menu music :slight_smile: followed by messing around alone in the map before uploading the version alpha

Ultraball Alpha v0.0.1.9 Client

Ultraball Alpha v0.0.1.9 Client


  • Max volley speed increased.
  • Volley now automatically disables magnet.
  • Locked pass speed decreased.
  • Ball trail changed and fades faster, thus shorter, improves fps.
  • Ball skin changed to all white emissive, easier to track
  • Ball size increased
  • Chat now always present once on a team.
  • One hit no longer kills ball carrier instantly
  • Moved dash back to a key to key press.
  • Updated map cosmetics.
  • Spawn sound added
  • Shield effect changed
  • Ball bounce sound changed
  • Post sound added
  • HUD notifications changed
  • Goal routine updated all players view goal scored. 1 sec after goal.
  • Vicinity radar graphic lighter
  • Crosshair graphics lighter.
  • Goal sound updated.


  • Ball trails breaks up on server.
  • Post noise is sometimes missed.

Download link:

Work in progress trying develope some kinda gameplay teaser