Ultraball Alpha v0.0.1.1

Public alpha release. This game is a mix of dodgeball and soccer if you will.

No videos to post just yet but will soon enough.

This alpha has a connect to a dedicated server in North East USA. Feel free to check it out.

Try and score on the opposite teams goal in this physics based multiplayer game.

Is there a single player mode? I looked all over the reddit but couldn’t find it…

This currently is multiplayer only via dedicated server or client/listen server (not recommended)

Ai not yet under development for practice

Ultraball Alpha v0.0.1.2 Had to make a fix

Those who might wonder 98% of this game has been accomplished in blueprints so far.

The only c++ has been some player control variables for statistics as replication has been easier this way.

Some updates made overnight. Major improvement to the magnet used on ball.

Physics are feeling pretty nice online.

Videos soon enough.