Ultraball - Alpha stuff in the works!

Ultraball is Scifi sports physics like game

Take a look tell me what you think of the progress.

Magnet effect in works

Spec logic in works

Added a crowed.

I love this idea and look of the whole thing!!! I am a huge fan of rocket league and other pvp and sport games Great work can not wait to play this and hope to see it through Looks great Inph1del and Good Luck !!

My main dude Inph1del fantastic work I can not wait to play this !! I need to be a tester lol

Looks very great =) nice effects! Can’t wait to see this game in multiplayer action :slight_smile:

PS The round marking on the playing field in the middle of the floor looks a little bit like a pokeball of Pokémon :slight_smile:

Long night but added in some more ui stuff and just general idea of the mechanics in practice warmup mode

We need more SciFi/Fantasy Themed Sports Games. Looking Awesome. Keep up the great job.

techlord @ arcadekomodo.com