Ultra high AAA Quality Models

I cant find a section to post this so ill just put it here.

I have a model that i have brought off the marketplace.
It is a Ultra High AAA Quality Model these are the following details the model has.

In-Game look

I was wondering what i can do to make the gun look more realistic and detailed in-game like this for an example
The quality looks a bit worse as it was a screen shot

I hardly know anything about textures and modelling so i need a beginners explanation.

To make high quality textures you need actual pics taken in 4096x4096, that’s high quality. Then something with UV unwrapping.
Apart from that, I don’t know. I’m a programmer

Try opening the asset in the Advanced_Lighting map ( Starter Content | Unreal Engine Documentation )

The setup in that scene should give you a better lighting setup and the asset should look better. But the model from Battlefield looks like it it has more detail and polish.