ultra dynamic sky 'turns off' when creating movie in matinee?

so the default scene has a native skybox. i recently purchased the ultra dynamic sky via marketplace - loving it. :wink:

however, whenever i go to record my scene - it shuts it off - and only records the native sky.

do i need to delete the native sky and re-bake? is there a way to do this in blueprints without deleleting? i think that would be choice!

thanks -

I dont know how the ultra dynamic sky works, but I personally would post this question into the support thread: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?75634-Ultra-Dynamic-Sky :slight_smile:
When you can add the sky as a blueprint, just delete the old one and then add it -> now it should record it

thanks -

i’ll give that a run - and will also post to the other forum!