Ultra Dynamic Industries Untitled Car Game

The Mobile game you are about to see is still in its alpha state. Any Game play mechanics/assets made or used (3D Models, Particle effects, sounds, etc.) are subject to change throughout the course of the game’s development. This game will involve you running over as many pedestrians before time runs out. Have a near collision with other vehicles to gain boost meter. Run over 5 pedestrians to gain a time bonus. Any criticism is always welcome. Link to the video is below:


Why is the aim to run over pedestrians? It seems a bit of a tabloid baiting concept! (Or are they zombies or something?)

Pedestrians are not bad people, why so much hate ? Some dark side dream or fantasm ?
If it was aliens with guns , but innocent people i don’t see the plot here.

Didn’t you guys ever play Carmageddon? :slight_smile:

The movie playing in the bg was more interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be hostile Ai and yes this game was inspired by carmageddon. There will be interconnecting districts that I am hard at work on as well. What do you guys think of the game so far though?