Ultra Combo System

Ultra Combo System

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This is complex advanced combo system for scripting the combat logic.

The complex combo system for scripting the combat logic,
system can proccess input commands and chain them to different behaviors,
should fit any kind of projects, fightings, actions, rpg, variations of usage are limitless,
also includes hitbox/reaction and finisher systems with variety of usage.

All systems are managed by one component, easy add to any character,
system does include conflict management, everything can be prioritized.

Demonstration video> Youtube Link


Complex Combo builder, with additional hit/reaction, finisher system all can work together or separately.
As single component, very easy to add to any player, or NPC, does not need any specific class to be created.
Does provide very deep condition system, any kind of behaviors can be added.
Includes movement management, no need to create multiple events to fix movement conflicts.
System is ready to use with any new characters and animations, no complex setups.
No limits in usage, any amount of input, combos and behaviors can be added.
Can fit any project type, very extendable and versatile.

Warning! Animations from demonstration are not included, they are from UE4 marketplace packages.

Additional info at marketplace page.

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