Ultimate Tutorial Map

Hey guys!
You maybe saw one of my Tutorials on youtube. ()
I made a Project where I try to collect every Community Tutorial in one giant map!

You can download it from Github over here:
Or the compiled version:

The Project is currently version 0.01, first release.
Current Features:
Sprinting and Jogging (C++)
Zoomable Third Person (C++)
Dynamic Global Illumination (you must enable it yourself: Go find your UE4 folder, go to: Engine->Configs->ConsoleVariables.ini and add “r.LightPropagationVolume=1” at the end)
Time of Day System (C++)
Hackable, Watch Dogs like Camera (BP)
Elevator (BP)
Swimmable Water

I hope I can add a lot more in the future!
As it is on Github, you can come and help me by fixing bugs or implementing cool new features!
You of course also get the full source and all my meshes used in the Project!
Guess what: you can use them any way you want!

I hope this can help some of you :slight_smile:

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________________________________________________________ Changelogs

initial release 0.01

tweaked lighting
tweaked jogging speed
tweaked animation
fixed a bug with the Hackable Camera

added first version of flickering lights (C++ | WIP)

Release v0.02a!
added landscape
fixed collision glitches with the elevator shaft
added Slow Motion
added Flashlight for the dark night
Localized the Map! Now in German and English!

Made my ToD Light compatible with the Sky Sphere!

Release V0.03a!
added Sounds
added Health & Damage System
added Death & Respawn System
added Cheats
preparing for Weapon Update (V0.04a)

going to download it right now^^

Nice :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I totally forgot to say: You need to enable dynamic GI yourself! (I’m working on enabling it with the project)
Go find your UE4 folder, go to: Engine->Configs->ConsoleVariables.ini and add “r.LightPropagationVolume=1” at the end :slight_smile:

Nice work. Excellent resource :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I want to update weekly with more community tutorials
And I hope you commit when you have a cool idea!

thanks i just have it to work right now ^^ im not so good at c++ and visual studio so i tried a lot and i just figured out that there is a compiled version^^

Yeah, I compiled it just Friday :smiley:
because I also forgot that xD
But now everything is fine :3
(yes, I love smileys)

I just released version 0.02a on Github!
Go check it out now!
Changelog is in first post! :slight_smile:

Now in English and German language!

I just released Alpha version V0.03!
Check it out:
Compiled Version on Github or here: (Cooked version still compiling, should be up in about 20 minutes)

Changelog is in the first post :slight_smile: