Ultimate Skill System

Hello there! Glad to announce about releasing my Ultimate Skill System. You can find more information and images on UE-Marketplace.

Ultimate Skill System is a powerful mechanism to add skills and abilities in your game. You can easily integrate skill system in already existing project. There are many ways to customize the whole system as you wish. If you want to create an RPG game Ultimate Skill System is a perfect choice. Skill book is a smart widget which will automatically resize itself, cast bar will help you to track any character cast and skill bars allows you to drag and drop skills, bind and use them!



  • Skill book with customizable tabs
  • Customizable skill bars
  • Keybinding feature
  • Cast bar for any character
  • Tooltips for skills
  • Cooldown, global cooldown functionality
  • Skills drag and drop functionality

You can ask anything you want here or email me: [EMAIL=“”]

Glad to announce about video demonstration realese!
You can find it on youtube:

Recently Ultimate Skill System tutorial was updated. Some misprints and inaccuracies have been corrected. You can still find it here:

I’ve switched this thread into support thread. Feel free to ask for help if you need to.

How can i open your tutorial, link is not working, “document not found” error?

Hello! Don’t even know what went wrong but I reuploaded google doc so try again to open it.

Now it works, thank you!

Now it works, thank you!

Glad to announce about 20% discount on Ultimate Skill System! The offer will last only until the 21st of October!

Hello! How can I set default bindings and skills to slots? It’s annoying to open book, drag skill and bind a key every time :slight_smile:

Hello Pavel,
It is very easy to do:
First of all make sure that the skill bar you want to add skill to is a variable.

For example i want to bind hotkey and skill to this skill bar:

And now just use two functions - “BindSkill” and “BindHotkey” with necessary W_SkillSlot reference:

For example i can use it in “ExampleSkillCharacter” blueprint:

Thanks a lot! You’ve done a really cool system. It’s easy to understand and modify.

Thank you too, I really appreciate it!

Hello everyone! Update is coming!
In update: 5 new high-quality skill book presets (Fire, Earth, Frost, Ice, Necromancer). The old one was updated too! It will be available as soon as Epic Games approves it.

New skill books (screenshots):


Great news, Ultimate Skill System has multiplayer support now! This update will be available to download via launcher after Epic Games review.

Update was approved and already available to download.

Hello, I bought the skill system. My code is mostly in C++ and I am not really fond of inheriting from a “SkilledCharacter” BP, since I already inherit from my custom character class. I’d like to know your thoughts/inputs on having the content of “SkilledCharacter” into a “SkilledCharacterComponent" instead. It seems to me that it would be easier to adapt to an already existing game but I might be missing something. Do you think it could work or foresee problem doing that?

Thank you.