Ultimate Main Menu PRO with Multiplayer Lobby and Save/Load System

Hello everyone,
Check out my recently released Ultimate Main Menu PRO!

Marketplace Link
Overview (Youtube) - 1.0 Version
Multiplayer Overview (Youtube) - 1.3 Version
Discord Channel - Support and information about discounts
Wiki - Documentation
Try build (Win64) - 1.0

Change Log:
Ultimate Main Menu PRO - version 1.3

Added multiplayer support

  • Save and load in multiplayer
  • Entry level rewritten to support single player and multiplayer game
  • Check for identical names
  • Ability to kick a player
  • Notification system
  • Hidden widget with control hint
  • Ability to view all notifications
  • Ability to change the player’s name
  • Written guide on advanced session plugin

Planned updates:

  • Add language change

Ultimate Main Menu PRO - This is a ready-to-use menu for your game with support for** saving and loading** in **single player and multiplayer **with gamepad support.


  • Completed main menu
  • Gamepad/keyboard/mouse support
  • Key binding
  • **Save/Load **system
  • XBox One/PS4 icons
  • Matinee animation support
  • Please check screenshots/video/build
  • Multiplayer lobby system