Ultimate Hit Reaction Component NOW AVAIABLE - Marketplace Thread

Dear fellow developers!

I’d like to announce that my third product, the Ultimate Hit Reaction Component is now avaiable for sale on the marketplace.

Ultimate Hit Reaction Component in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

**I’m keeping this thread up for any feedback, requests you have regarding the product. If you’d like to discuss things privately, feel free to write me an email at simiglaroland@gmail.com or join the discord server and PM me. **

The UltimateHitReactionComponent (UHRC for short) is an all in one tool that lets developers access hundreds of reaction related functions and systems, such as reaction animations, reaction VFX, SFX, bone based damage multipliers and many more, by adding one simple ActorComponent to characterBP’s. As a bonus, the product contains a LimbDismembermentComponent which lets players cut down the legs, arms, heads of the characfters easily.

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