Ultimate Greyboxing Kit / Restore Marketplace Purchases between launchers

Hi Guys,

Last week I purchased the Ultimate Greyboxing Kit by JumpStrafe Studios - it appears to be taken down, how am I able to access this?

Or, if it is not returning to Marketplace, where should I apply for a refund?

Also, is it at all possible to sync my accounts purchases to the launcher so I can access them from -any- launcher?
I work on several computers and it would make life just that little bit easier if they showed up in my vault automatically.

Thank you!

I planned on buying it, but it disappeared. Do you know if it will come back? Are you still able to access the greyboxing kit in the engine? If so, could you possibly upload a copy of those files to somewhere like mediafire so I can download the kit? Please, this would help so much.

I do not know when or even if it will return, hence my question. I can no longer access it from the vault in my launcher, even if I could I would not pirate it - best case is to wait and pay the artist what they’re due or post on the forums requesting to buy the pack.

I am still hoping for a reply from Epic staff on this as I’ve spent $14.99 on apparently nothing.

You should still have the files on your computer if you downloaded it. I also emailed the developer of the kit 4 days ago and they haven’t responded.

Hi guys!

Sorry to have gotten to this so late. We experienced some delays with Greyboxing Kit that caused to have to push it back very soon after we released it but it is back up on the Marketplace now and the developer has made some great improvements to the pack. I’m sorry for any confusion or inconvenience that may have caused. For future if you ever notice something you bought just vanish from the Marketplace let us know at: marketplace-support@unrealengine.com and look into it.