Ultimate Greyboxing Kit removed from Marketplace

Hey Guys,

Sorry if this issue has been addressed, my recent searches haven’t yielded any results.

I recently purchased the ‘Ultimate Greyboxing Kit’ by JumpStrafe Studios on the Marketplace (Launcher) and it seems to have been taken down.
Even when searching Google I get a result for the New Content tab on the website Marketplace but it isn’t listed.

I posted on the AnswerHub with no reply: Ultimate Greyboxing Kit / Restore Marketplace Purchases between launchers - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Wondering if anybody knows the status of this and if I am able to either;
A) Download it (as I did not upon purchase)
B) Get an estimate on when it will be available, just so I know my money wasn’t wasted
C) Apply for a refund

I have a transaction record for this and the money was deducted from my account, I just can’t see it in my vault or on the marketplace.

Thank you

I would probably send an email to the UE Community Manager Chance Ivey and provide him with all the information.

I don’t remember seeing this kit and I haven’t noticed any threads about it being added accidentally. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

Thank you for the link, message has been sent. I must have been the lucky guy that refreshed the launcher just at the right moment.