Ultimate Gothic like Combat System is a complex fight system template coming soon to the marketplace

Hi Fellow Game Developers!

I am proud to introduce you to our newest product, the Ultimate Gothic-like Combat System. First of all, I am so grateful for everyone who supported me by purchasing our previous project. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.


Skill System~ Three skill levels, beginner, intermediate, expert. Each level has it’s own anim montages, play rates, combos. Beginner fighters can only use one weak attack, while intermediate and expert fighters have almost Infinite combo variations.

Faction System~ Three Factions: Guards, Mercenaries, Templars. Each faction is hostile towards each other, but they won’t attack their own.

Weapons System~ Currently 1 master blueprint, Weapons have the ability to cause damage to other characters. ( Players and AI too.) With later updates there’ll be more weapon types ( One handed, two handed, staff, … ) they’ll derive from this master blueprint.

Different Attack Types Like in Gothic~ There are 4 types of attacks - horizontal left, horizontal right, vertical (combo) attacks, and running attacks.

Complex AI System~ 1 AI master actor with 3 Child classes (Templar, Guard, Mercenary) The AI has built in targeting, attacking, dodging, strafing, blocking functions. If a character is inside the AI’S targeting Collision sphere, the AI automatically targets the given actor, on prioirity, the AI looks for player characters, but if it can’t find one, he’ll target the closest AI from an other faction inside the collision sphere.

Mixamo Supported~ The animations are retargeted from mixamo characters to the mannequin, there are different Anim Montages and AnimBP’s for the mixamo characters because they don’t have the same bone hierarchy.

Full controller Support~ Xbox and Ps4 controllers are fully supported.

**Multiplayer Networked~ **The whole project is networked properly, all clients see exactly the same as the server, and vice versa. Players can cause damage, and kill other players too.

And many more~ Blocking system, Block reactions, hit reactions, 5 death animations based on the character’s current skill level,

Edit: We’ve finally launched on the Marketplace! Here is the link for it if you’re interested:

**If you have any questions, or you’d like to request a custom feature,write me an E-mail:


In case anyone downloaded the demo, here are the controls:

Horizontal Attack Left: LMB (HOLD) + A / Right Trigger (HOLD) + Right Thumbstick Left
Horizontal Attack Right : LMB (HOLD) + D / Right Trigger (HOLD) + Right Thumbstick Right
Combo Attacks: LMB (HOLD) + W / Right Trigger (HOLD) + Right Thumbstick Up
Block: LMB (HOLD) + S / Right Trigger (HOLD) + Right Thumbstick Down
Running Attack: Run Forward + LMB / Run Forward + Right Trigger
Equip/Sheath Weapon: 1 / Face button top
Interact: E / Face button left
Respawn (if dead): F / Face button left

I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally launched on the marketplace! Unfortunately, we had to make some adjustments to the product, it turns out it’s forbidden to include Mixamo assets in the product, so we had to get rid of them and make some changes to the names, for example, the name of the product from now on is Advanced RPG Combat Template , and we’ve added prefixes to the assets in the product, but in overall, the system is still the same.
In case anyone is interested in the product, here’s the link for it: