Ultimate Custom Master Material!

Hello everyone. Announcing my new tutorial series on vertex painting water puddles as requested! ( UE4 Materials For Beginners: Vertex Painting Water Puddles ) Here is the trailer! Available for purchase along with my first series on basic master material creation in UE4 here.

Here is a splash page showing contents of the download!

The first series in my collection is available for down load here. To preview a quick intro/demo video check out my YouTube channel: - YouTube The next series will get into a deeper understanding of the material editor. Hope this helps!

I started this thread to demonstrate my new UE4 Master Material and get feed back on ideas for improvement. I am also hosting info regarding my new tutorial series here. Here are a couple of examples so far. This is a master material I created to cover most of the regular environment artist needs. There are certainly exceptions but this master can go a long way. :slight_smile:

An example of a shiny floor material with dirt pass and vertex painted footprints.

Another cross reference example:

cool Man , a tutorial would be nice :wink:

Another Round With the New Master Material

Here is another fun one. This is a material with a little bit of opacity masking and such. I think I got pretty close on this one. The goal is not to replicate the art… but to replicate the fidelity. Once again made from a material instance of the Master Material I made in UE4. :slight_smile: Loving UE4 So Far!

Awesome Aaron! Division has some inspiring materials! You’re nailing it:)

What else do you have planned right now?

Fantastic job in the scenes aaronkaminer! All of the screenshots that you are sharing look amazing. I cant wait to see what you will share with us next. Keep up the fantastic work and have a great day!

I am not sure right this moment. I was hoping for someone to drop me some challenging images to attempt. If not, I will probably find some other props to do from the division or ryse son of rome. I eventually plan to see if this is something that I can put in the market place. As I am making these materials I am slowly coming across improvements for the master material, once it is complete I will try to submit it. I am also considering doing a tutorial series…some people really took interest in learning how to replicate my water vert paint portion of my master material.

The poster is a good start, but could definitely be pushed more to achieve the look in the Division. The main area to focus on would be the fold lines. The are very pronounced in that Division screenshot, where not as much in your shot. Think about if the poster has been folded up a bunch of times and moved ar. Those lines are very pronounced, and have small rips and even edge grime on them. The normal map looks a little bubble and the roughness looks too low atm, but its a good start!

The vertex paint puddle is very nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. After seeing it today I def agree the roughness is too low. Easy fix! Perhaps the lighting arrangement would help show the paper folds a little better. They are pretty extreme. I will give it a go and see what you guys think. I also have a normal intensity slider so i can pump it up a bit. :slight_smile: If this still seems too weak I will get a new normal going. Maybe I will do a short video demonstrating these in engine tweaks and show how easy the UE4 material instance system can be for making changes on the fly!

Sounds good! Look forward to seeing your progress! :slight_smile:

Just picking some elements I enjoyed the most from their trailers:

http://youtu.be/O_j9uKBmUEk?t=1m28s - the 3D Overlay map looks amazing. Although I argue it’s not very functional and mostly an eye piece in their presentation IMO. They updated this effect in a E3 trailer http://youtu.be/JhBAc6DYiys?t=57s

The other thing that really caught my interest is the flashback material they added in the Metro station http://youtu.be/JhBAc6DYiys?t=1m33s - I tried to replicate some of that (currently a placeholder for a cloaking material - I’ll share more on that later)

It may not be the kind of challenge you’re looking for, but they sure have some amazing shader artists working on this game!

Hey Everyone, I am starting a new HD Tutorial series on unreal engine master material content creation! I am wondering… should I create a well rounded material tutorial series that aims to help everyone learning materials?? Or simply explain the process I go through to make the master materials (assuming viewers are educated in the material editor?) This is for the viewer so let me know what you think!


Definitely do a TUT on concepts and applications in a PBR workflow! Users that know will skip to the actual implementation, the others will benefit from the added explanation.

And this is just a personal advice: refrain from things like HD or AAA and all that hyped marketing stuff, it’s gonna look silly to everyone knowledgeable (and you will want their endorsement).
Let’s not turn the marketplace as unity’s asset store, where every asset is AAA quality but will never be used in a AAA game uahhahah

Haha! All too true. No advertisement gimmicks here though. (Not intentionally anyway) I just meant 1080. -.- Thanks for the advice!

New Tutorials Online!

Hey folks. Just a quick update. The first series in my material tutorial collection is online! Check it out!

Video Tutorial Content Breakdown

After getting some great feedback from the polycount forum I have decided to post more info on the content of this first series. Here is the breakdown. :slight_smile:

01: New Project and Scene Setup

How to start a new first person project

How to setup a basic lighting environment for material testing. Including light mass importance volumes, sphere reflection captures, directional lights, and skylights.

Basic navigations and hotkeys for the editor.

Saving files

Baking basic lighting.

Creating folders for clean navigation in engine.

Creating Basic Blank Master Material

How to Apply Materials using Material Elements

02: Albedo Base Setup

Setup Base Color Input

Static Switch Parameters

2D Texture Parameters

Organizing with groups, comments, and descriptions.

Material Instancing

Texture saturation and hue

03: Roughness/Metalness/Normal Base Setup

Roughness Values/Maps

Metal Values/Maps


Normal Map Paramter

Normal Intensity


Basic Math

04:Emissive Base Setup

Emissive Base Color

Emissive Power

Emissive Masking

05: AO Base Setup

AO Engine Default Setup

AO Albedo Overlay

Linear Interpolate

So, do you provide tutorials for this?

I sure do. Here is the link to the first series. Unreal Engine 4: Master Material For Beginners

Watched the first series last night. Most of the stuff I already knew, but still picked up some new bits of info :slight_smile:

A pretty good explanation of the basics, I’m looking forward to watching more advanced tuts in the future!

I am glad it helped! I have already recorded some of the next series. It should be available this weekend. It will include lots of new stuff like up to 12 layers of vert paint, blend layers, and puddle painting!