uLASER - Ultimate Lasers, Electric Arcs, and Energy Rays

Hi guys,

just wanted to share something I cooked up since the beginning of the year, since I couldn’t find anything else that quite fit the bill. I found some other laser systems, but somehow none of them seemed to scratch those very specific itches that I wanted so…I ended up making my own death rays, with or without … and blackjack :slight_smile:

I’m not going to repeat what’s already written in the description - I’m just going to say that I wanted it to be as versatile as possible - meaning that the same logic (distance detection, normal-based reflections) - could be applied to any kind of effect - be it a laser, an electric arc, an electrolaser, particle ray or whatever else.

Also I wanted my system to be able to have an arbitrary RGB color - I really did not want to use several particles with the exact same settings except the color in order to provide a limited range of colors you could apply to your rays. So any of the 4 included effects can take any color.

Included effects as of now (I do plan on adding more - any suggestions are welcome):

  • **Normal laser **- not much to say about it - the kind of ray you see in many movies / games
  • ElectroLaser - a mix between a laser and an electric arc - sort of a straight line lightning. Similar to the thunderbolt in Quake 1
  • Electric arc - an arc spawning between the two points
  • Particle Energy Ray - an effect I fiddled with and liked - energy blobs are being pushed through the ray

anyway - please check out the screenshots and the youtube movie as it’s hard to describe a visual effect.

the system is made with blueprints, should work fine on mobile and is very easy to use.

Hope you guys like it and since this is my first product that I actually release, I plan on adding many more features in further versions - if it’s even a bit successful / popular :slight_smile:
First idea - add a few more particle effects - but I’m waiting for your suggestions.