UKismetSystemLibrary in 4.5?

When I upgraded from 4.4 to 4.5 my project no longer compiles. Has the UKismetSystemLibrary been moved or have the includes needed changed.

I get the following error:

error C2653: 'UKismetSystemLibrary' : is not a class or namespace name

Stupid question but did you check your header files to see if it has this?

#include "Kismet/KismetSystemLibrary.h"

I compiled with a call to KismetSystemLibrary on a 4.4.3 project that I migrated to 4.5 and it worked fine for me.

I recently migrated myself and got some really strange things as well. For me a clean and build fixed all of that.

What method within the ‘UKismetSystemLibrary’ you looking for out of curiosity?

I tested to add this include and rebuild the whole project and now it works. Some header must have changed since the same code worked in 4.4 without that include. Anyhow it fixed the issue so thanks a lot!

Glad to be of service :slight_smile: