UKD 2015

Hey guys
I’m new to this subject, and I’m trying to create a game with UDK 2015
I know it’s old, but that’s what my PC was able to withstand, without much suffering. However, I have some doubts regarding the use of 3D models
My intention is to create a completely free game, and as I don’t have any knowledge of 3D modeling yet (but I intend to), I would like to use some of these models, which are available for free, on sites like free3d and cgtrader.
My question is to what extent is it possible to use these features in my game? (if i can)
Because they are free, can I use them as they are, or at least use them as a basis, to create my own models, as long as I make proper mention of the authors, in some part of the game, such as credits or documentation?
In this case, I am referring to models with a defined license for personal or non-commercial use; but on these sites there is not much information about this type of license, and not all authors define in the description the ways in which I can use them.

Also, I would like to know what the terms are for creating a totally free game; and most importantly: whether it is still possible or allowed to use this tool.

Hi @Jaken11987 welcome to the Epic forums. If that’s what your PC is capable of running, then UDK is a fine choice for making a free game. With UDK you can make a free game or a paid game. As far as UDK is concerned the only difference is that you would have to pay Epic royalties if you sell your game. You can use any asset (3D models, textures, sounds, etc.) that has the appropriate license. I would guess that for most free models that the creator has posted on free sites, you can use those without any issue.

Good luck!

thank you, it helped me a lot :slight_smile:

If there are licensing terms for the files then you need to check those, if your particular situation isn’t addressed in the licensing terms then you should try to contact the owner to make sure you can use them the way you want to.
As for free files you find elsewhere that don’t have any licensing terms that you can find, you can’t just go ahead and use them, it’s possible that the files are ripped from existing games or posted for download without permission from the original artist. You would run into a legal risk by using them though it’s not all that common for that to happen, but it does happen from time to time.