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Hi, I recently made a component for my game and want to sell this component to others on the marketplace. The issue is i have to go through a bunch of hassle setting up VAT. I have a few questions about this. How exactly will setting this up affect me and others around me. I am recently employed and this would count as a second income. I would have to register as a business but I only really have one product to sell at this point(some others on the way but not sure about them yet). is there a better way to sell that product If i register the business at the family/grandparents home does this affect anyone in the same residence who may be on benefits or pensions. Would you say it is worth all the trouble for the money to be earned Thanks for your help

@Tenchi-Official You can set up your seller account as a sole proprietor or individual.

Additionally, when your customers buy a product on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, they are buying the product directly from Epic Games. As a result, we (Epic) are the entity responsible for VAT. Epic is collecting the tax and remitting it to the appropriate tax authority.

Please create a support case here if you have any additional questions:

@WellActually Thanks.
Yeah I have a few more questions I’ll ask on that link. Guess this isnt the right place to ask