Uk Road Signs for Arch Vis

Submitted this set of over 400 UK road signs today for Arch Vis…

We need a set of these for our own work so we thought others may find it useful as its not as trivial a job as it should be doing a number of quality road signs.

As we got into the idea of doing these we thought we’d do the best we could with the subject matter so for Arch Vis they are super simple, just drop a blueprint and select a sign from the list and you’re done.

For games we thought that they’d be best if they were easy to edit so you could use your own materials and fit your own styling so we made them from dataTables so to edit or make large changes to the assets it can all be done from a spreadsheet.

Here are some style variations that can be selected from a drop menu:

Also here is a link to the supporting web page we’ve put up if you want to see all the signs in the pack (it’s awaiting final edits, subbing etc. so please don’t point out my spelling mistakes).

Thanks for taking a look