UK based photographer required for photographing buildings... more info inside

Hey I’m looking for someone for a bit of a different job, I am looking for a photographer to take photos of buildings front on (and from as many sides & backs as possible), the photos will be used to reconstruct modified versions of the buildings for an open world survival simulation, I am mainly looking for urban buildings, various different houses, terrace housing, blocks of flats, shops, offices and central buildings.

You will be required to take photos as straight on as possible (this makes it easier for me to process them ready to apply to 3D models), You keep all rights to the photos and may use them yourself for any and all purposes, you will also be given credit in all of our projects where the photos are used. The photos taken will primarily be used in a project called After Days. However our publisher, Sandswept Studios may also use the photos in future projects. ALL photos will be heavily modified and applied to 3D models, the photos will NOT be resold (however 3D assets with textures that used parts of the photos may be sold.

The above terms can be negotiated if something is not satisfactory or if you have any concerns.

**Requirements **
Based anywhere in the UK, Scotland or Ireland Ability to travel to a town or city A good and clear quality camera (so no phone cameras or cheap point-and-shoots)
You will be paid in Pound Sterling via bank transfer or Paypal, more details and amounts can be discussed privately.

Please contact me at [EMAIL=“”]

ps. If you have a drone with a steady camera and can take photos of roads/sidewalks top down that’d be a huge bonus!