UK-based C++ Programmer

Hi all,

I am an experienced C/C++ programmer with a range of experience including graphics (OpenGL), AI, networking and gameplay programming. Most of my previous Unreal Engine experience comes from UDK where I wrote a number of game concepts and gameplay systems, some of which is detailed below.

Stealth Prototype with light-based sneaking and AI that searches for the player:
Advanced AI pathfinding (CS 1.6 bot using my own automated pathfinding process using axis-aligned boxes instead of navmesh):

I also had a functioning multiplayer game which was a hybrid of tower defence and first person shooter, but I can’t seem to find the video any more :frowning:

I am looking to gain some more experience with Unreal Engine 4. Having dabbled a bit with prototypes for gameplay elements to get a feel for the differences from UDK, I’d now like to have a go at a proper project.

I’d ideally like to collaborate with developers in the south east of England (I personally am based in Surrey) with the potential to meet in person, as I have done the remote working thing and I find it much better having people nearby I can speak to! Happy to expand out a bit more though if there aren’t any takers.



Hello Neotolemus.

Are you still looking to work on a project? My team is based in the UK (Cardiff) We’re making something involving Redcoats if that tickles your fancy. We need someone to help advance some gameplay features while we build a networking engine from scratch.

Email me if you’re interested -

  • Joe.


If you are still looking for a royalty job, my new game would love to take you in! Add me on discord “RockettPvP#3436” or email me - or look at my forums post at Job offerings!

Im currently in London and working on a prototype and would no doubt benefit from your input if interested let me know, the project is probably a cross between something like Diablo and most RTS’s. Think a MOBA’s special cousin

Hey Richard,
Some nice stuff, especially like the custom pathfinding… :slight_smile: We’re working on an rts project at the moment and are going to need to put together some custom ai path finding and strategic decision making code soonish… We’re based mostly in Exeter/Bristol at the moment, but if you’re interested send me an email on